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Vehicle Upholstery

Experienced Upholstery Professionals

You can rely on our experts and our 41 years of experience to give you exceptional results. We work with the best fabrics from the top brands to give your furniture new life. 

That's not all; you won't need to break the bank when you choose our business and our reasonable prices. We offer a wide range of upholstery services to please any individual. Contact Ace Upholstery Services today.

Top 10 Reasons to Upholster

  1. Repair damaged furniture
  2. Better quality and durability than store-bought furniture
  3. Increase comfort
  4. Update a look
  5. Recycle furniture - save trees
  6. Tired of old fabric
  7. Maintain furniture
  8. Customize furniture and vehicles
  9. Refurnish antiques and family heirloom
  10. Financially better investment

Premier Commercial Upholstery

  • Seating and cushions
  • Walls and panels
  • Bar rails and stools
  • Tables and desks
  • Lobby furniture
  • Equipment covers

Comprehensive Vehicle Upholstery

  • Trim and valances
  • Door and side panels
  • Captain's chair and dashboard
  • Seating, chairs, and mattresses
  • Window valances and carpets
  • Dinette areas and seating davenos
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